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3 weeks ago

NCDC demands proper installation practices of electric wires in public spaces to mitigate risks

Srinagar: In a recent meeting, the core committee members of the National Child Development Council (NCDC) expressed concerns regarding the installation of electric wires in public spaces. The committee members highlighted the urgent need for proper installation practices to mitigate risks, especially during the rainy season.

Members pointed out that the frequent occurrence of wires falling during rain poses danger to the community. Emphasizing the importance of safety measures in power transmission lines, they recommended the strategic placement of equipment to enhance public safety.

During the meeting, one of the core committee members advised individuals to exercise caution by refraining from watching TV or using phones during thunderstorms and rainy weather to minimize potential hazards.

Notably, National Child Development Council (NCDC) is an autonomous national child welfare organization, established to promote the welfare of women and children, besides ensuring education of children in India.

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