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1 week ago

National Child Development Council (NCDC) Urges Schools to Prioritize Personal Hygiene

Srinagar (J&K): During their recent core committee meeting, the National Child Development Council (NCDC) has issued a resolution emphasizing the critical importance of good personal hygiene in schools. Members of the NCDC highlighted that maintaining personal hygiene not only ensures the wellbeing of students but also contributes significantly to the welfare of society at large.

The resolution calls for comprehensive awareness programs to be conducted in schools across the country, stressing the necessity of keeping school premises and surroundings clean. NCDC members, including prominent figures such as Master Trainer Baba Alexander, Sudha Menon, Shakila Wahab, Mohammad Rizwan, Radha Sajeev, and Sheeba P K, unanimously underscored the significance of personal hygiene.

“It is crucial for school authorities to intensify efforts in promoting cleanliness awareness,” remarked one NCDC member. Another emphasized the importance of timely grooming practices such as regular nail and hair trimming among students.

The NCDC, an autonomous organization dedicated to the welfare of women and children, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality education across India. Their recent resolution aims to reinforce the message of personal hygiene as a fundamental aspect of student health and societal wellbeing.

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