Baba Alexander celebrates success in free spoken English training on 51st Birthday

Srinagar (J&K): The National Child Development Council (NCDC) Master Trainer and Global Goodwill Ambassador, Baba Alexander is celebrating his 51st birthday with a grand success in free spoken English training course.


As per the NCDC spokesperson, Earlier on Baba Alexander’s 50th birthday, free spoken English training program was announced for 50,000 people, while 50 institutions were identified for the same training.


She said that, “50,000 people were accordingly trained online and offline through the medium of Zoom, and along with this, 50 institutions were directly visited and given training.”


Meanwhile, Baba Alexander on his 51st birthday has informed that 51,000 people will be given free spoken English training within the next one year and training will be provided directly to 51 institutions. His birthday is being celebrated on October 24, every year.


Notably, Baba Alexander has gained public attention by identifying the basic difficulties that hinder common people from speaking English and finding practical solutions through innovative psychological methods.


He developed a training program called Baba Easy English, which brings you to speak English step by step, without learning grammar, through games and puzzles.


National Child Development Council (NCDC) is an autonomous national child welfare organization, established to promote the welfare of women and children, besides ensuring education of children in India. The official website of NCDC is:…

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