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1 month ago

Ramadan boosts sales for Kashmir’s bakeries and pickle vendors

Srinagar: Amid the holy month of Ramadan, streets of Kashmir are abuzz with shoppers flocking to purchase their favourite delicacies from bakeries and pickle vendors.

During the busy atmosphere of fasting and prayer, the aroma of freshly baked products and the tangy taste of pickles entices residents and visitors alike.

Speaking to KNO, bakery and pickle sellers expressed their delight at the increased demand during this sacred month.

“It’s heartening to see the enthusiasm of customers during Ramadan,” remarked Mohammad Ali, owner of a bakery in downtown Srinagar.

He added that from traditional breads to other bakery stuff, shelves of his shop are constantly replenished to meet the high demand.

Similarly, pickle vendors are witnessing a spike in sales as customers seek to enhance their iftar and suhoor meals with the flavourful addition of pickled delights.

“Ramadan is a special time for us as our pickles fly off the shelves,” said a pickle seller in Srinagar’s downtown.

He added the tangy flavors of mango, lemon, and mixed vegetables complement the fasting experience for many.

Moreover for the proprietors, Ramadan brings a surge in sales and a sense of joy as customers clamor for their delectable offerings.

Similarly, Zahoor, a local told KNO that bakery items and pickles are not just food items for them but an essential part of Ramadan.

He added that sharing these delicacies with family and friends adds to the sense of community and togetherness during this blessed month.

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