People of Ladakh not happy with status given to them, want representation: Rahul Gandhi

“China has taken away grazing lands of people”


Leh: Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday said that Ladakhis are not happy with the status granted to them and want representation.


Talking to reporters, as per KNO, Gandhi said that people are not happy with the status given to them.


“There were so many complaints. The people are not happy with status given to them, they want representation. Everyone is saying that there is unemployment and inflation,” he said.


“People want bureaucracy shouldn’t run the state, but it should be run by the voice of people,” he added.


He said the people in Ladakh are concerned by taking away of their grazing land by China


“The concern, of course, is the land taken away by China. People here are affected in a big way because their grazing land has been taken away, here everyone is saying that Chinese troops have intruded and taken away their grazing land and they cannot go there,” he said.


He said the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim that China has not taken away an inch of the land, is untrue.

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