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6 months ago

PDP, NC Equally Responsible For Erosion Of Article 370

They Kept People Busy With Unachievable Goals, Emotional Slogans For Their Gains: Ishfaq Jabbar

Dozens of PDP and NC Workers Join JKUM in Fraw Kangan
By: Beigh Irshad
Ganderbal: President Jammu Kashmir United Movement Sheikh Ishfaq Jabbar has said that both the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the National Conference (NC) are equally responsible for the erosion of Article 370 and the miseries faced by the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Addressing a gathering of party workers at Fraw today, Jabbar asked the people to identify those political parties who through their successive regimes have weakened the Article 370.
Ishfaq said that the people know that these parties were the real architects of erosion of the special status and party to more than 50 amendments over seven decades.
“NC and PDP throughout their successive regimes reduced Article 370 to a hollow shell and the last nail in the coffin was hit by Mehbooba Mufti by implementing Goods and Services Tax (GST),NFSA ” Jabbar further said.
He argues that both parties prioritized their own political gains over the well-being of the people, leading to the erosion of the special status.
Jabbar further said that NC and PDP can go to any extreme for power, no matter how much they are disrespected and humiliated.
 “Autonomy resolution was passed in assembly but rejected by erstwhile Vajpayee led NDA Government of which National Conference working President was a part as Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.
Those responsible for 1987 poll rigging, pushing youth to guns by dispossessing democratic setup are begging for elections and alliance in Delhi. They made SOG, Ikhwan and POTA for power.
He added, “These traditional politicians allured you and took your votes promising that they will get self-rule in J&K. Now, you must ask them where is that self-rule? Why don’t they talk about it now? Now we see them tweeting whenever someone is killed. But, what about the killings and massacres that occurred when these traditional politicians were at the helm of affairs?”
Jabbar believes that the Kashmiri people have suffered immensely as a result of the actions of these two parties. The political instability in the region, exacerbated the miseries faced by the people. He claims that the people of Jammu and Kashmir have been left disillusioned and betrayed by the political leaders who were supposed to represent their interests.
Jabbar promised that JKUM will continue to work for the empowerment of the people. He said, “JKUM will make every effort to ensure political and economic empowerment of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.”
Sheikh Gh Ahmad Saloora in his speech said that you have allowed the politicians with their vested interests to exploit your sentiments over the years. These so-called leaders have created empires for themselves during past more than seventy years. They ensured jobs for the kith and kin in government departments and private sector Banks. Their children study in other states, while as they made you cannon fodder for their political and monitory gains.
He further said that the time has come to change the scenario for the better. Therefore, I request you not fall prey to the deceitful politics of the traditional political parties again.
On the occasion dozens of NC and PDP workers from Sub division Kangan joined JKUM. While welcoming them into the party fold, Ishfaq hoped that their joining would strengthen the party.
The prominent JKUM leaders who were present at the rally include Senior Leader Pir Mohd Yousuf, Ghulam Nabi Bajard, Manzoor Ahmad, A M Qamar, Youth President Sajad Ahmad, Sarpanch Showkat Ahmad, Spokesperson Muzaffer Ahmad, Reyaz Ahmad and others.

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