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5 months ago

NCDC celebrates Indian Army Day

New Delhi: During the recent meeting, The core committee members of National Child Development Council (NCDC) have celebrated 76th Army Day to extend gratitude to Soldiers.

On the occasion, NCDC, Master Trainer, Baba Alexander said that, “We have to be very thankful to the Army for protecting our country, besides safeguarding our border”.

“This day, we express our gratitude towards the army for their role in protecting the people across the country,” he said.

While celebrating the day, NCDC’s Mohammad Rizwan has said that Army personnel are sacrificing their lives to save the nation. “We have to give respect to our soldiers, and should also give them public awards, which they usually don’t receive,” he said.

Sharing her opinion on Army Day, NCDC’s Bindu Jacob said: “Army men are committed to save common people. We are safe because of them. Hats off to every Army personnel.”

Meanwhile, National Child Development Council, Member, Sheeba PK has said “every day is Army’s day, as we are safe because of them. “They should be recognised through public awards. Proud to be an Indian. Happy Army Day,” she said.

Similarly, Shakeela Abdul Wahab of NCDC congratulated Indian Army personnel on this day. “Congratulations to Army personnel on the occasion of Army day, who have dedicated their life to protect their country,” she said.

Notably, “Indian Army Day is celebrated every year on January 15, and it was first celebrated in 1949 as the first Indian contingent was inducted in this year.”

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