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1 month ago

NCDC Calls for Proper Traffic Regulation and Emergency Services on National Highways

Srinagar: During a recent core committee meeting, the National Child Development Council (NCDC) has issued a resolution advocating for proper traffic regulation and the provision of emergency services on national highways across the country. The resolution, spearheaded by NCDC Master Trainer Baba Alexander and hosted by NCDC faculty member Sudha Menon, aims to address the pressing need for improved safety measures and response mechanisms on highways.


Mohammad Rizwan, a representative of NCDC, emphasized the importance of installing hoardings with emergency contact numbers at 5-kilometer intervals along highways. He highlighted the potential benefits for citizens, stating that such measures could significantly expedite emergency responses and aid in critical situations.


Radha Sajeev echoed these sentiments, underscoring the time-sensitive nature of accidents on national highways and the consequent need for prompt assistance. Sajeev emphasized the necessity of establishing control and emergency services at strategic points along highways to mitigate risks and ensure timely intervention.


Shakeela Wahab, sharing her personal experience, shed light on the challenges faced by individuals due to the absence of adequate emergency services on highways. Wahab emphasized the importance of leveraging technology, such as Google services, to facilitate access to assistance when needed. She advocated for the deployment of dedicated emergency teams on highways to enhance safety measures and provide immediate aid to travelers.


Sheeba PK proposed concrete steps to enhance the safety of commuters who rely on highways for daily travel.


Baba Alexander, NCDC Master Trainer, emphasized the role of toll-collecting companies in providing emergency services to commuters. He urged the government to prioritize the provision of medical facilities and other safety measures on highways, emphasizing the collective responsibility of stakeholders in ensuring the well-being of travelers.


Notably, the NCDC, an autonomous organization dedicated to the welfare of women and children, plays a vital role in ensuring the provision of high-quality education throughout India.

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