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4 months ago

Narco-trade in J&K: Need to ‘dig tunnel from both ends’, it’s a big challenge, says DGP RR Swain

Police strategy similar to that of terrorism, seizure of property for drug dealers, suppliers; won’t allow J&K to become Punjab, Being a border ‘State’, neighbouring country pushing Heroine, Brown Sugar into this side


Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir’s Director General of Police (DGP) R R Swain Thursday said that narco-trade is emerging as a major challenge and police and other security forces need to “dig the tunnel from both ends” to deal with it effectively.


“Drug trade is emerging as a major challenge in J&K. It has to be addressed in a proper manner. For that, we need to dig the tunnel from both ends,” the DGP said after inaugurating the Drug De-Addiction and Mental Rehabilitation Centre at Channi-Himat Jammu, as per KNO.


He said while on one hand police will crack whip on dealers and suppliers by resorting to seizure of properties under UAPA, on the other hand, there is a need to address the issue of demand as well and those demanding the drugs.


“For us the addict is a victim,” he said, adding that dealing with the growing narcotics business in J&K is a tough job but police is committed to handle it. “The way we dealt with the terror-eco system by action against those providing shelter, transporting terrorists and giving them other logistic, similar strategy is for those involved in the narcotics business,” he said.


Replying to a query how big a challenge was narcotics trade in J&K, the DGP Swain said that given the fact that J&K is a “border state” which lies on the western side of the country, the huge consignments of drugs like Heroine and Brown Sugar are coming from the neighbouring country.


“Till recent past, there was only challenge of homegrown Charas and involvement was limited. But now the involvement is more as Heroine and Brown Sugar is pushed into this side in a large quantity. This was the case with Punjab and now it is growing here as well. But we will not allow J&K to become Punjab,” he said. “This not a challenge in Karnataka and Telengana as these states aren’t close to borders.”


He said that there are 10 drug de-addiction centres of Police operating at present and some private players also involved in it. “These centers are less compared to the number of addicts,” he said. The DGP said that police will assess where it stands at present and where it would stand in 2025. The DGP advocated a strategy where a coordination needs to be maintained with Punjab as well.

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