Amid delay in snowfall, intensified patrols, rigorous measures to counter infiltration along LoC in Kashmir: Officials

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‘October month remained active on infiltration front; can’t rule out more attempts before snowfall’


Srinagar: As the snowfall of the season has got delayed a little in Kashmir, security force have intensified patrols and taken rigorous measures to thwart any possible infiltration attempt from across LoC.

A senior security official told KNO that October was notably active as security forces neutralized five terrorists along the LoC in the Macchil sector of Kupwara on October 26 while two militants were killed in an unsuccessful infiltration attempt in the Uri sector of Baramulla district in the same month.


“In June this month, 11 infiltrators were eliminated, and a substantial amount of arms and ammunition was recovered from them,” the official said.


As winter approaches, there is a concern that terrorists might try to infiltrate. The official added that the Army and Border Security Forces have increased patrols in areas along the LoC in districts including Baramulla, Kupwara, Bandipora, Poonch and Rajouri.


“This proactive measure aims to counter potential infiltration, aligning with the government’s directive for security forces to intensify vigilance on identified infiltration routes,” he said.


The official stated that, utilizing extensive training, advanced surveillance systems, and meticulous planning, they implement a multi-layered defense mechanism to thwart potential infiltrations.


Also, he said that they employ a combination of routine patrols, the latest gadget technologies, and intelligence gathering to acquire crucial information about any suspicious activities near the LOC.


“This intelligence is swiftly analyzed and responded to, ensuring the swift neutralization of infiltrators before they can breach Indian territory. The soldiers consistently risk their lives to uphold the nation’s integrity around the clock,” he added.


“Prior to the snowfall in Kashmir’s border regions, the risk of terrorist infiltration from across the border rises. The Army and BSF jawans are maintaining a vigilant stance, implementing rigorous measures along the Line of Control in North Kashmir to prevent any potential infiltrators,” the official added.

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