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1 month ago

95% Chances of Shawwal moon is likely to be seen on 09th April evening in India & Pakistan, Eid ul fitr is likely on 10th April

Eid ul fitr marks the end of Ramadan and it may celebrate on 10th April in India and Pakistan . There is a more than 90% chances of Cresent moon may seen on 09 April evening, Eid Would be celebrated on 10th April in Jammu and Kashmir, India & Pakistan.

In the middle east countries like Saudia Arabia, Egypt, and iran etc Eid ul fitr is expected on the same day.

On 9th April mostly dry weather is expected in Jammu and Kashmir towards late afternoon/evening clear sky may change into mostly cloudy/ party cloudy so moon not be seen clearly in some parts.

Following the Eid prayer, families greet their neighbours and friends with “Eid Mubarak” and exchange gifts or congratulate one another on completing Ramadan.

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